Gyan Vani: Providing Education throughout Entertainment

Since its inception in 85, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) have got contributed greatly to the development of higher education in the country with the mode of open and distance learning. Its reputation has grown as large as the university itself continues to be renamed to “people’s university. ” A major reason behind the enormous popularity is the launch of Radio stations Gyan Vani in several cities in Indian, including Trivandrum. Radio began providing media assistance to IGNOU, July 1, 2010. With thirty seven radio stations across India, the educational program to a bandwidth of 105. 6 MHz Gyan Vani, during a year, he was on the picture, saw the amazing growth since its inception. Regarding an anniversary of Gyan Vani, director Prabhakaran, Gyan Vani Station, Trivandrum, sits down to talk about the newest initiative of IGNOU.
The number of staff personnels Rooms Gyan is much less than other federal government organizations, such as air and Prabhakaran believes there is no need to assume more personal than what currently exists.

“The problem with AIR is they are tremendously personal. There are not enough jobs for individuals to pull out when significant amount of salary. When compared with that at Gyan Vani, we have only 3 officers including myself, and about thirty presentators associated with, and we do much more efficient and productive associated with other organizations ”

Lessons discovered from the task is always boring, listen and learn in the radio is sure to be twice as boring. What makes click on Gyan Vani Despite these peculiarities serious?

“Our method of approach is different, ” states Mr. Prabhakaran, “When we say that focus on education and learning, this does not mean that reading the lessons straight from the textbooks, a half hour per issue. They should not push people away from our assistance. For us, we embraced entertaining way of imparting information to people and not just for students but also for common community. organize chat sessions, and discussions documentries upon various topics that fall within the IGNOU presumption. There are language classes and training classes for all those preparing for entrance exams to the public. And this in ‘not only the lessons that also address problems of cultural activities and contemperory of a area particular. ”

True to its slogan of the training for the masses, there is a clear simply no commercialization “policy for Gyan Vani.

“We do not endorse any advertisements or applications masala revenue. We work with the grant supplied us with a government that, even if it is restricted, it is enough for us to continue. If we were to marketplace the Bays Gyan, then finally a phase will not have to leave space for educational applications and public broadcasting, which is what the half Areas Gyan “Prabhakaran said.

Gyan Vani has also been dubbed as ‘national educational radio’ to get precisely this very reason. There is a variety within the contents of programs broadcasted through Gyan Vani, and each program is of a short duration of about 10 to 15 minutes to make it more listener-friendly, so as not to copy out by relaying a program on the same topic consistently for one our.

+We do not transfer humourless programs that eat into your brain tissue. We enrich it with local flavours, social backgrounds, arts, songs and such. Like I stated before, Gyan Vani is not about reading out there lessons from an IGNOU textbook. Our objective is to enrich the curriculum of IGNOU.


The remarkable success Gyan Vani has achieved in so short a period of time is because of its own relevant reasons.

+We , the burkha very resourceful and dedicated staff, who constitute the main asset of Gyan Vani. We have obtained all kinds of people, from doctors and professors, in order to unemployed youth who work for us on a part-time basis, in our staff list. Our schedule is extremely flexible and can be changed at short discover which is virtually impossible with other radio stations. All these possess attributed to the success of Gyan Vani in general, and the Trivandrum region in particular. +

Yet this individual accepts that Gyan Vani could do better when some shortages are rectified.

+Firstly we need a studio complex of our own. At this time we rent out facilities from AIR, which limitations our ability to add more variety to the applications. Then we need to have a little more techinical perfection great to reach out to more number of people. There are a few minor some other hurdles too, but they can wait. The above 2 are what we need to tackle urgently. ”

With Gyan Vani, IGNOU students may learn about their course and also, about their property. More than just educating them, Gyan Vani helps all of them become better citizens. In Prabhakaran’s words, “Gyan Vani is helping to rebuild the nation as a whole. inch Just one year into service and already, Gyan Vani has collected positive feedbacks from almost everywhere. Prabhakaran, as the station director of Gyan Vani, Trivandrum, has reasons to be proud, and is excitedly looking forward to the second year with plans more revolutionary than what has been tried over the past year.

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